15 things we learned from last week's Guild Wars 2 combat footage

Josh Augustine



Last week we posted a massive 10-minute long video of pure, unadulterated carnage in Guild Wars 2. Of course, the GW2 fan communities rabidly analyzed every tiny detail of the video in the hunt for new info, and we were right there in the trenches with them. In particular, we chatted with the the fans over at Guild Wars 2 Guru as they discussed and debated everything they found in our video.

But you don't have to do all that work if you don't want to. Here's the 15 most interesting things we learned from the video, in easy-to-browse screenshot format!

Click on any screenshot to see the full-scale version.

1. The giant worm you battle in the Norn tutorial is terrifying. (0:17)

2. Lions Arch has a freakin' epic boat-bridge. (0:44)

3. Female centaurs exist, and they look kinda spooky. (1:37)

4. We outed the first Sylvari player character to ever be seen in-game. (1:57)

5. Greatswords are totally badass. (2:19)

6. Elementalists can swap between their element stances very quickly. (2:55-3:03)

7. Norn ladies are hefty, with unique models. Not just reskinned humans, and the...
...community loves them! More people commented on the Norn female's body...
...than anything else in the entire video! This screenshot's for those fans. (4:42)

8. Elementalist spells looks amazing in motion. Go watch this right now. (3:45)

9. Your human Thief could look pretty similar to this NPC. (5:10)

10. Charr love to crash parties with surprise whirlwind attacks. (5:10)

11. Bears have it rough in GW2. They were everywhere in the video, usually dying.

12. There are reapers, and they're scary as hell once you spot 'em. (6:10)

13. Necromancers\' will have skeleton worm pets, and they\'re impressively gross. (7:50)

14. Necromancers can summon temporal weapons that dissapate after awhile. (8:10)
15. Necros throw dismembered skeleton hands at their foes. (18:10)

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