You're a carrot warrior in board game-inspired dungeon-crawler Verdungeon

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I've never tried to beat someone to death with a leek, but I reckon it would be pretty challenging. Yet Carroto, the protagonist of Blustery Games' Verdungeon, makes it look easy. Granted, he is fighting a slime, the fantasy RPG equivalent of a mosquito, but he's also a carrot. But while being a carrot would normally be quite the handicap, in Verdungeon, a roguelike dungeon-crawler with board game-inspired levels and combat, vegetables are heroes.  

Here's the rub: the procedurally generated dungeons of Orchard Reign have been besieged by herbivores, and Carroto and his vegetable pals (who are also playable characters) have got to sort it out. I dig the garden aesthetic, from Carroto's oversized head to the old merchant(?) picture here, who I choose to name Old Man Raddish.  

Blustery Games describes Verdungeon as Dungeons & Dragons meets The Binding of Isaac, and its D&D DNA—D&DNA, if you will—is most obvious in its love of dice. Its turn-based combat is fueled by dice rolls not unlike the skill checks of the tabletop. After playing For the King, I'm pretty sold on turn-based dice rolls, so I'm interested to see how Verdungeon handles it.  

Verdungeon is scheduled for release in late-2018 or early-2019. You can learn more on its official site. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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