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Your favorite companions are way hotter in the Mass Effect remaster

A new Mass Effect Legendary Edition trailer just dropped, one that explicitly shows off graphical improvements between the old and new versions of the trilogy, with a focus on character models, lighting, and post-processing effects. 

The trailer shows off some side-by-side character comparisons, most of which aren't too mind-boggling, but a few could be huge for the right (potentially horny) fandoms. Mass Effect heartthrob Thane, for example, has much wetter eyes. They scream fish, but also emotional depth, like he's on the verge of crying at all times. And that face! So textured. I can almost see the gunk between his scales. We'll leave the lips alone though because they're too lucious to even speak of. Explicit. Dangerous. 

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

(Image credit: BioWare)

Garrus diehards will be happy to know he looks even more like a fingernail cop. Tali's hood has cleaner, clearer textures so even if she's boring at least her outfit looks cooler. Liara is a much deeper, shinier blue with some added texture and detail on her outfit. The updates won't necessarily change how Mass Effect hits, but they'll certainly make it look much nicer on modern hardware and displays. 

BioWare put out a blog post detailing the ethos behind the changes, along with some handy visual comparisons. You can drag a slider over Commander Shepherd's face to take her from horrible clay puppet to human at your leisure. The Citadel has a much wider color range. Captain Anderson no longer looks bored outta his damn mind. 

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

(Image credit: BioWare)

Some of the comparisons are night and day, almost literally with how much the lighting and post-processing changes illuminate some darker, muddier scenes. 

Paired with the last update detailing Mass Effect Legendary Edition's combat changes, I'm officially excited to play this goofy trilogy again. I've gone from zero to 100 in one blog post. Damn. Can't wait to reunite with those fish lips. Smellovision can't come soon enough. 

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is out May 14. 

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