Yandere Simulator banned from Twitch

Yandere Simulator

Yandere Simulator has joined the likes of HuniePop and any game with 'Sakura' in the title in being banned from Twitch, surprising... who, exactly? The decision has upset a few hundred thousand people, but is anyone actually confused by the addition of a high school murder simulator in which upskirt photos are used as currency to Twitch's naughty list? You can see their reasoning whether or not you agree with it.

According to the developer, 'yandere' refers to a girl so infatuated with a boy that she will threaten or kill anyone else who shows interest in him. Or her! Yandere Simulator is an equal opportunities murderfest. Thus, the stage is set for high school anime Hitman.

I'm going to hazard a guess that Twitch won't ban actual Hitman when it gets round to releasing, unless it's slapped with an Adults Only rating in the US, so it has taken offense at the age of the victims, the sexual content or, most likely, the combination of the two. I wouldn't bank on it being reinstated unless it becomes dramatically less, er, yandere-related.