X-COM's Julian Gollop making Chaos: The Battle of Wizards sequel

In ridiculously exciting news, X-COM co-creator Julian Gollop has announced a sequel to his 1985 ZX Spectrum game Chaos: The Battle of Wizards . He dropped the bombshell on twitter just now, revealing that it will be a sequel/remake for iOS, Mac and of course PC.

Other than that, we know that he's using the Unity engine, it will be 3D "for sure", and he plans to "keep combat/movement very close to the original, with some tweaks."

Julian is, of course, one half of the famed Brothers Gollop (along with his brother Nick). Twenty years ago, they created a little game called X-COM that you may have heard of - which gave birth to a remake that you're probably playing right now. Chaos is a slightly different breed of turn-based strategy game, featuring wizards instead of invading aliens. It was followed by a sequel, Lords of Chaos, in 1990. The original's not much to look at these days, but here's a video of someone playing it on the Spectrum:

Tom Sykes

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