How to get the Fallen Charger mount in World of Warcraft

WoW Fallen Charger
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Looking for the Fallen Charger rare in World of Warcraft? This new mount was added with the Shadowlands 9.1 update. Each expansion or major patch introduces new mounts to search out and add to your collection, and it's great being one of the first players to pick one up and show it off in your faction's capital city.

Some World of Warcraft mounts are far easier to get than others, as anyone that's spent time collecting them knows. Some may take weeks to earn, while others can drop from bosses or rare enemies and may take just a bit of time—and a bit of luck—to obtain. The WoW Fallen Charger is one of the latter, so here's everything you need to know for a chance at this new mount.

WoW Fallen Charger location: Where to find the rare

The Fallen Charger is a new rare enemy that can be found anywhere in the Maw and has a chance to drop the item Fallen Charger's Reins, which grants you the mount. The rare's spawn location varies greatly and may depend on which Covenant Assault is active at the time—though it's currently unclear whether an Assault needs to be active for it to appear. The most significant number of sightings according to comments on Wowhead have been in the Maw's 'main' area, rather than The Beastwarrens. It also seems to have a respawn timer of around eight hours.

Your best bet is to keep an eye on the zone's chat channel and scan the LFG tool to see if there are any groups up for it. 

The Fallen Charger's Reins isn't a guaranteed drop either, so be ready for some potential heartbreak. The rare can drop up to three mounts for a full raid group, but it's equally capable of dropping none at all. If you've got your heart set on this mount, you're going to need a lot of patience to get it. Or maybe you won't: Maybe you're that annoyingly lucky person that gets it on the first try.

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