World of Wacraft patch 4.2 video dives into Thrall's nightmares

[bcvideo id="994150644001"]

Patch 4.2 for World of Warcraft will add the Firelands, a new outdoor 10 and 25 player raid that pits players against the great fire lord Ragnaros and his six protectors. The new Rage of the Firelands trailer above gives us an advanced glimpse of the new bosses through the medium of a vision. It's the fever dream of an Orc who has spent far too much time brooding on a ledge. During the course of the hallucination, Thrall gets to meet Ragnaros, and captures a glimpse of the bosses that guard the Firelands.

The bosses look great. They are huge. There's a giant fire-man, a giant fire-spider, a giant fire-bat, and a horned demon called Shannox who has two giant guard dogs. They are made of fire. Patch 4.2 also makes a large collection of balance changes. You can find the full patch notes here . Check out the Firelands preview on the World of Warcraft site for more on the new raid.

Tom Senior

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