World Esports Association formed by ESL and pro teams

Things are getting ever more respectable in professional gaming. The World Esports Association, or WESA, has been founded as a result of efforts by ESL and eight pro teams including Fnatic, Na'Vi and EnVyUs. It aims to standardise competition along the lines of established sporting organisations that hopefully aren't FIFA.

"WESA is an open and inclusive organization that will further professionalize esports by introducing elements of player representation, standardized regulations, and revenue sharing for teams," ESL announced. "WESA will seek to create predictable schedules for fans, players, organizers and broadcasters, and for the first time bring all stakeholders to the discussion table."

'Bringing stakeholders to the table' includes the formation of a player council. Elected representatives will negotiate for policies, rulesets and transfers on behalf of players.

"By bringing players to the discussion table, the Council will give them important insight into the balances of league decision making as well as the formation and adjustment of rules which directly affect player careers."

Engaging the players at every stage of decision-making could help avoid the sort of storm brewing over Riot's recent spate of bans in League of Legends.

The first tournament to be played under WESA regulations is CS:GO's ESL Pro League, which culminates this weekend.