Wizard of Legend now has two alternative soundtracks

Wizard of Legend
(Image credit: Contingent99)

The roguelike dungeon crawling action of Wizard of Legend has a new sound, as an update this week adds two new alternatives. Prescription for Sleep is a super-mellow alternative to the original, from the game music lullabies series. Piano Collections is an alternative soundtrack that's composed entirely of solo piano arrangements.

You can find the original soundtrack, the Prescription for Sleep, and the Piano Collections on Spotify.

Both alternatives are accessible via an in-game NPC, Melody the Jukebox, who will switch between the two and the standard OST. The soundtrack is a highlight of Wizard of Legend, at least it was for me, and knowing there's a new way to play makes me want to revisit and sling some new spells. 

It's the second big update to Wizard of Legend this year, with the Phantom Update launching in July adding new arcana and signatures that you can use to tweak your magic, as well as a bunch of new magical relics.

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