Watch The Witcher 3 running on a Steam Deck

witcher steam deck
(Image credit: CD Projekt)

CD Projekt has dropped a series of short Twitter videos showcasing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt running on a Steam Deck. The videos give us a glimpse of one of the best games of all time running on the hardware, and for all intents and purposes, it looks about as good as you'd hope for a handheld.

It's difficult to tell what resolution Witcher 3 is running at (Twitter video compression doesn't help) but the framerate certainly looks consistent enough. It's at least a modest 30 fps (the official target for most games on Steam Deck), and doesn't appear to trip up when entering graphically demanding areas like cities or swamps. It's probably safe to say that it'll look better than the also-impressive Nintendo Switch Witcher 3 port.

The first video shows Geralt riding Roach through the streets of Novigrad.

The second video shows Geralt clashing with a stone golem out in the wilds of Velen.

The third video shows Geralt approaching the swamp homestead of the Crones, the disgusting and murderous witches who play a central role in the Bloody Baron quest

If you're eagerly awaiting your chance to take your Steam library on the run, check out everything we know about the Steam Deck, including release date, tech specs, and more. Valve also showed us how to take apart a Steam Deck in a recent video. If you want more small screen Witcher adventures, check out everything we know about Netflix's The Witcher season 2.

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