Windows 8 head Steven Sinofsky leaves Microsoft

Microsoft's leadership echelon experienced a shakeup in its Windows division yesterday with the sudden departure of President Steven Sinofsky for unexplained reasons. Sinofsky oversaw and was responsible for the development of both Windows 7 and Windows 8. Microsoft's official announcement states the mutually agreed decision takes effect immediately.

One of Sinofsky's major highlights as boss of the Windows division was delivering the well-received Windows 7 following Windows Vista's poor reception, validating his efforts to refocus the Windows brand.

The Verge 's report elaborates on Sinofsky's split not arising from lukewarm reactions to Windows 8's launch. Instead, anonymous sources claim Sinofsky's "abrasive and off-putting" personality clashed with Microsoft's collaborative ethic.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said the company's "incredible foundation" of products will progress as normal. Recently, Microsoft revealed its restriction of DirectX 11.1 to Windows 8 .

Omri Petitte

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