Win access to the Partisans 1941 closed beta

(Image credit: Partisans 1941)

Partisans 1941 is a real-time tactical game set in World War 2, in which you wage guerrilla warfare behind enemy lines with a select band of specialists. To me it looks like a modern take on the classic Commando games, albeit set in lovely 3D environments.

There's a management aspect too, as you grow your secret forest base and attract new recruits. Developers Alter Games say you can "form squads of unique Partisans and undertake diverse missions to undermine enemy forces and infrastructure, while securing resources desperately needed to sustain the resistance."

The game is going into a closed beta phase soon, and you can win a key to get involved. About a third of the game will be available in the build, so there should be plenty to enjoy. To enter simply add your email address into the widget below. The giveaway is a raffle, which means a computer will randomly send keys to winners on Wednesday this week. Enjoy!

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