Wildstar's new DevSpeak video details customisation of all kinds

Ugh, customisation? As someone with only a couple of dyes and no-frills armour in Guild Wars 2, the aesthetic expression side of MMOs just doesn't do it for me. Still, that's what the new Wildstar dev diary is about, so I guess I'll suck it up and... what's that? They've got granular item customisation allowing for stat-boosts on weapons. Well in that case, what are we even waiting for?!

Yay, marginal improvements on items and equipment!

There's certainly a lot of menus on show in the video, but it's difficult to get a full feel for the complexity or depth without really knowing what the impact of those choices are. Despite this, it's a promising sign that the developers have got a handle of all the avenues of customisation that will appeal to different types of players - from items, to houses, to a character's look.

That seems to be a sign of Carbine's approach to the game. While it doesn't look like a revolution in MMO design, the developers sound like they've put a lot of thought into the reasons behind the standard systems, and expanded and improved as needed. You can read more about their approach in Chris's preview from last year .

Phil Savage

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