Giveaway: grab a Wildstar beta key for this weekend's test

Last month, we gave away armfuls of codes for WildStar's beta weekends, giving testers an early look at Carbine's most colourful MMO. Today, we're doing it all again. If you fancy another trip through the world of Nexus, we've got 2,000 codes giving access to this weekend's beta. If you're quick, one of them could be yours.

Update: And the keys are gone!

The key will be valid for this weekend's beta test, which runs from Friday, 21st March at 3pm GMT, to Monday, 24th March at 6:59 am GMT. Plop your email address into the box below to grab a key. First come, first served.

If you do receive a key, head here for instructions on what to do with it.


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