Watch: Why you should play Destiny 2's The Witch Queen on Legendary mode

We're only a week into the launch of Destiny 2's Witch Queen expansion, but the praise coming in for the narrative campaign has been universal. You can read our thoughts here, but the tl;dr is that you owe it to yourself to play the Legendary difficulty mode. Yes, the enemies are thiccer, but not insurmountably so. After years spent facerolling the story content in Destiny 2 DLCs, it's refreshing to come up against a challenge that requires you to actually think about stuff like buildcrafting and positioning. 

In terms of narrative revelations (no spoilers here or in the video, but expect some juicy twists), diversity of mission design, and the sheer fun to be had from letting rip with your guardian's revamped Void abilities, The Witch Queen leaves previous Destiny 2 campaigns eating martian dust. Whether playing on your own or as part of a fireteam, the Legendary version is very much the full fat experience—and it's clear Bungie wants you to play that way, because the rewards on offer are much better. 

In this video from Tefty—veteran content creator, and co-host of the Destiny Community Podcast—he breaks down what's on offer from the campaign in terms of both challenge and rewards, with some tips on some of the weapons and abilities that will help you emerge from Savathûn's throne world triumphant. Next week we'll be taking a deep dive into how weapon crafting works in the Witch Queen, plus a look at some of the cracked builds you can create using the new Void 3.0 system. Trust me, you're going to see what Volatile Rounds does to Le Monarque and Graviton Lance in our 'I heard you like Void Wells' build. 

Chris 'Tefty' Hughes

Tefty is a founding member and co-host of the Destiny Community podcast. He insists he is not a Warlock main. When not casting juicy Nova Bombs, he can be found making music with his better half here