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Fans of e-Sports rejoice! We've got lots of exclusive coverage coming up in the next few months. Keep your eyes on the site for updates. But, just to get you prepared, here's a teaser: one of the best Starcraft 2 matches we've ever seen.

Great sporting moments are also great human moments. Tears, incredible fightbacks, and skin-of-the-teeth survival in the face of overwhelming odds – this Starcraft 2 match, from the semi-finals of the GSL's World Championship, has it all and then some.

Best of all, it's free to watch. But fair warning: the World Championship has now finished, and if you haven't watched past the quarter-final stage and want to avoid spoilers, don't click through. If you're up for some incredible action, though, join us through the link.

This semi-final match is between MarineKingPrime and MC – two top Korean pros, who respectively play Terran and Protoss. MKP plays for team Prime, MC for team oGs.

If you have any issues watching the game, click the fullscreen button or watch it at .

Some context: MC is regarded by many as the best Protoss player in the world, if not /the best player in the world, and he's a cocky so-and-so: the kind of pro who glories in demolishing lesser players before humiliating them in post-match interviews. But there's no denying his brilliance: MC's a two-time GSL champion, and a terrifying opponent.

MarineKingPrime is, first of all, less of a dick. Initially known for his infantry-based play (hence the name), he's a two-time GSL finalist and one of the most exciting Terrans around – his superb micro control and willingness to base-trade perhaps his defining characteristics.

The first to win three games wins the match, and if you skip the talky bits between games this will take you less than an hour to watch – in terms of excitement and sheer punch-the-air YEEEAAAHHH moments, this game was our highlight of the World Championships. If you like it, the final and all other games are easily found on the website, and the whole thing is free to watch.

We won't say any more: watch this game!

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