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Watch Star Citizen players recreate scenes from Top Gun

Top Gun and Star Citizen don’t have much in common, one being a sexually charged story of macho rivalries and volleyball, the other being an in-development space sim. There is some crossover, however. In between practicing for regionals, the Top Gunners occasionally fly around in jets, and fans of the film have recreated some of those scenes in Star Citizen. Watch the homage above. 

Players TheFew, Phantom0Killer and Moist_Noodle put together the video, and the trio have done a pretty great job that would probably be recognisable even without Kenny Loggins singing over it. That’ll be stuck in my head all day. 

Star Citizen hosted a free week last week, letting everyone take the game—and all of its ships—for a spin. This accompanied an update that introduced several big additions to the game, not least of which was the first planet, Hurston, and the city of Lorville, seen in the video. The free week saw a crowdfunding jump, too, with backers flinging a whopping $7 million at the sim. 

I flitted about in my spaceship briefly and, while it’s still difficult to get an impression of the game Cloud Imperium is attempting to build, it was certainly a sightseeing treat. I really didn’t do very much at all beyond gawking at things like a tourist, but I was still a tourist in space. Even something as mundane as being able to walk around inside my ship, or circle it while it’s on a landing pad, was a thrill.

Unfortunately, I found exactly zero volleyball courts.

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