Watch Motörhead 'unleash the Ironfist' in the none more metal Victor Vran trailer

Victor Vran—no disrespect intended—turned out to be a better monster-slaying action-RPG than I expected. But what really got my attention was the August 2015 announcement of an upcoming Motörhead expansion, "Motörhead: Through the Ages," which developer Haemimont Games said would be "heavily inspired by and based on Motörhead's history, lyrics and general attitude." 

Virtually nothing more was said about it after that, however, until early last month, when Haemimont confirmed it was still on the way as either separate DLC, or in the upcoming Victor Vran Overkill Edition. Today the studio nailed down the release date to May 30, and put out a new trailer that really needs to be listened to at full volume. 

Motörhead: Through the Ages will run through "the Wörld of Wars, the Weird West and the Dark Ages," where players will do battle with the Preacher, the Führer, and the Queen of the Damned. It will add three new outfits based on the members of the band, new Revolver and Guitar weapon types, new bosses including the Corrupted War Pig and the Orgasmatron, and new eight new Motörhead-themed demonic powers. And on top of all that, it features actor, director, and "living legend" Lloyd Kaufman, who along with Lemmy (of course) will aid players in their quest to resurrect the mighty Snaggletooth. 

Naturally, there will be plenty of Motörhead music, too, although it sounds like you'll have to work to get to it. "Rock out to fan-favorite Motörhead tracks like they’ve never been heard before," Haemimont said. "Activate Monuments of Rock to experience unwoven instrumentals from the band’s original studio recordings, then defeat hammering waves of monsters to complete the song and earn exciting new treasures, weapons, and abilities." 

"In over 20 years of making video games this is my proudest moment," executive producer Achim Heidelauf said, and I'm really inclined to believe him. It's silly, but it looks like a lot of fun, too, and even though it's obviously all-in on the Motörhead, it comes off as a proper expansion rather than just a throwaway novelty for fans. 

Motörhead: Through the Ages, and also the more conventional Fractured Worlds expansion that was revealed in the Overkill Edition announcement, will both be available on May 30 for $12/£10/€12 each. The Victor Vran Overkill Edition will be out on the same day, and will cost $40/£35/€40.

Andy Chalk

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