Watch how the graphics cards of yesteryear were advertised

Geforce 2 Halo

This is an old one, but it's Egg Sunday so there isn't a whole lot of things going on. As such, why not entertain ourselves with an advert for Nvidia's GeForce 2 GTS, made around the time Halo was still a PC (and Mac) exclusive?

It's good to know that in 15-or-so years we're still talking about things like framerates, texture support (at full speed!) and... shooting things. Wow, nothing's changed at all. This is an epiphany.

The main question I have, though, is this: does the GeForce 2 outperform the GTX Titan X? I mean, the latter is countless orders of magnitude more powerful and the result of over a decade of extra research and development, sure, but it's never been used to toast the Covenant, has it?

[Thanks for making Sunday a bit less dull, ForgotMyBrain]