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Watch amazing space-scenery in Elite: Dangerous at 60fps

74qxm4a - Imgur
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Elite: Dangerous (opens in new tab) player Titus Balls has put together a video showing off the some of the game's stunning cosmic scenery, which also takes advantage of YouTube's new 60fps option. You'll need to watch the video in Chrome to see the faster frame rate, but it still looks great even at 30fps.

The newly-released Dangerous beta, known as Beta 3 (opens in new tab), offers a staggering 2,500 star systems to explore. But that's only a fraction of the final game, which will have something like 300 billion—as many as there are in our actual galaxy. It'll take you a while to see them all, but there'll be no shortage of incredible stuff to stare slack-jawed at, some of which you can see below in Balls' amazing video.

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