Wasteland 2: Game of the Year Edition announced, will be a free upgrade

Wasteland 2

It's a good thing games aren't maintained in keeping with their theme. If so, Wasteland 2 fans would be beating each other with sticks and lead pipes in order to get their hands on the scant few upgrades InXile had supplied for them. Instead, the post-apocalyptic RPG developer will be making their Game of the Year update free for all.

Wasteland 2: Game of the Year is billed as a massive overhaul to the Kickstarted sequel. It will update the game's engine to Unity 5, bringing better environment textures, character modes and lighting. In addition, the update will boast "thousands" of lines of new dialogue.

The game's systems are being expanded, too. Here's the relevant passage from the press release:

"Players will have even more fun customizing their squad of Desert Rangers with new Perks & Quirks, which allow them to customize their squad throughout the game with unique bonuses and trade-offs. The new Precision Strike system lets players target individual body parts on enemies to inflict debilitating effects and gain the edge in combat. With overhauled game balance, item drops, and reworked combat encounters throughout the game, players will need every advantage they can get to master the dangers of the Arizona wastes."

Cory liked Wasteland 2 well enough when he reviewed it last year. A free injection of upgrades and extras sounds like a nice bonus to that package.

Wasteland 2: GOTY Edition will be out this summer.

Phil Savage

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