Should you side with Berthram or the Captain in Wartales?

Wartales Berthram or captain choice - A guard outpost with blue tents and a fire in the middle
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You can stumble on the Wartales Berthram or Captain choice pretty early on in Shiro Games' open-world mercenary sim. If you happen to head northeast of Stromkapp, you'll find a guard outpost where a captain asks you to take care of a local bandit. However, when you confront Berthram the bandit, he has a different idea.

Fighting is inevitable whichever side you choose, so it makes sense to capture an animal or two to add to your party beforehand. If you're ready to find out what consequences await you, I've got you covered in this guide. Here are the consequences of the Wartales Berthram or Captain choice to help you decide who to side with.

Wartales: Berthram or Captain choice 

Whether you choose Berthram or the Captain doesn't really matter; you'll gain the same rewards no matter who you side with. Whichever you pick to fight, make sure you loot their body by clicking on it after the fight, as you'll get a Golden Key which isn't included in the main loot window.

When you first arrive at the guard outpost, you'll speak to Captain Rovand and he'll ask you to take care of the bandit who's holed up in the nearby Sinister Cave. If you agree to the request and head to the cave, you'll find the bandit, Berthram, and he'll soon realise what you're doing there and ask you to kill the captain instead and spare him.

At this point, you can choose to side with Captain Rovand or Berthram by fighting the other. As mentioned above, the rewards are the same, though the loot you get from each fight varies slightly. Both corpses will drop the Golden Key though, so you'll always get one, no matter who you choose.

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