Wargaming.net announce Weekend at War, a four day festival of classic World War 2 films

World of Tanks developer Wargaming.net are branching out into war-watching with the Weekend at War, a four day back-to-back screening of some of the greatest films about World War 2. Taking place at the Stratford Cinema London and running from July 4th - 7th, the 10 film screening includes classics such as The Great Escape, The Bridge on the River Kwai, The Dam Busters, and The Dirty Dozen.

The full schedule includes:

The Great Escape: Thursday 4 July, 7.00

"A stellar cast of British and American actors head up this film based on the true story of the biggest Allied escape from a German POW camp, creating some of the most iconic moments in cinema along the way."

The Dirty Dozen: Friday 5 July, 6.00

"A group of army convicts, led by Lee Marvin's down-and-out major, are recruited for a suicide mission. In other words: a dirty job for a dirty dozen."

Kelly's Heroes: Friday 5 July, 9.00

"World War Two gets a counter-cultural '70s treatment in this dark comedy, starring Donald Sutherland as a 'hippie' tank commander and Clint Eastwood as recently demoted Lieutenant Kelly, out to grab some Nazi gold."

Rommel, Desert Fox: Saturday 6 July, 1.00

"Starring the great James Mason as the Desert Fox himself, and featuring some astonishingly realistic war scenes using genuine war footage, this film caused controversy on its release for its depiction the great German field marshal as a heroic figure."

The Guns of Navarone: Saturday 6 July, 3.30

"Fast-paced action, espionage, double-crosses, close calls and good old-fashioned derring-do. All that and a cast to die for! It may not be based on real events, but THE GUNS OF NAVARONE still ranks in many war movie fans' top tens."

Ice Cold in Alex: Saturday 6 July, 6.30

"Tense and claustrophobic, this film is a true classic and a study of the human spirit and compassion."

Tora! Tora! Tora!: Saturday 6 July, 9.00

"The bombing of Pearl Harbor from both sides of the story, featuring a sprawling cast of American and Japanese actors, and of course the incredibly filmed climax."

Battle of Britain: Sunday 7 July, 1.30

"An all-star cast head this retelling of the events of 1940, as outnumbered RAF pilots take to the skies."

The Bridge on the River Kwai: Sunday 7 July, 4.30

"Alec Guinness gives perhaps his finest performance as the deluded but noble Colonel Nicholson in this critically acclaimed POW drama."

The Dam Busters: Sunday 7 July, 7.15

"The true story of a small but crucial mission in World War Two, and a fine example of the the British 'stiff upper lip' in the face of all odds."

Tickets will cost £8.50 for individual screenings, and £55 for an all-movie pass. Member discounts are available. For booking details, visit the Stratford Cinema London site.


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