Warframe's The New War expansion goes live on December 15

Digital Extremes said earlier this month that, after years of waiting, The New War—the biggest cinematic expansion in Warframe's history—will finally go live in December. With November now as good as done, the studio has put a pin in the big day: December 15.

The New War will give Warframe players access to new characters, missions, and environments, including open worlds under siege by sentients, the artificial race from the Tau system. But as a "cinematic expansion" packed with major new quests, cutscenes, and story beats, The New War also promises to move the story forward and provide "answers to long-standing questions about Warframe’s sprawling sci-fi universe."

"Warframe’s story is everything to us. The New War is the experience players have wanted since the quest title was first revealed at TennoCon 2018," Digital Extremes creative director Steve Sinclair said. "This moment is the culmination of years of experimentation in game development and feeding the beast that is Warframe.

"Our community has given us everything to let us continue the story that is both ours and theirs—Warframe is a shared experience. With the launch of The New War, players will have a definitive Warframe experience at their fingertips, and it sets the stage for Warframe’s continued growth. We’ve only just begun."

Ahead of the launch of The New War, players can gain access to a number of rare, powerful Prime Warframes—the game's top-tier power armor, basically—by taking part in the Prime Resurgence event. The suits are available on a rotating weekly basis—details on what's available and how to get it are up at warframe.com.

Andy Chalk

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