Victoria 3 conjures up yet another DLC type as it braces for its 'grandest update to military, economy, and diplomacy' yet

Like the industrial revolution itself, Victoria 3 forges ahead with patches and expansions, tearing asunder the idiocy of rural life, melting all that was once solid into the air, and faring relatively poorly in the Steam reviews for its DLC (the Steam reviews for capitalism would have been terrible in 1848, which is probably why they didn't have them). 

But the game's next DLC is adding some ordem to all that progresso, taking us away from the empires of Europe in order to focus on South America, particularly Brazil.

Victoria 3's Colossus of the South DLC is a narrative-focused "region pack" that will drop alongside the game's 1.5 update on November 14, just over two weeks from now. Marketed as a "new type of product for Victoria," these region packs are intended to "contain detailed content regarding a certain region or political sphere," and differ from the game's immersion packs by emphasising tailored narrative content over new art and mechanics. 

Paradox has put out a handy infographic to showcase what Colossus of the South is bringing to the table, which you can find below. It's pretty much what you'd expect: A bunch of new content and events centred around the Brazilian Empire and its transition to a republic, as well as a little dash of Paraguay in there for flavour.

It'll be $6, a little more expensive than the game's music and art packs, but cheaper than its recent Voice of the People immersion pack. It'll also, I have to assume, be quite a lot cheaper than Vicky 3's forthcoming first expansion, Sphere of Influence. Presumably Paradox has adopted this labyrinthine categorisation system for its DLC as some kind of tribute to the bureaucratic degeneration of the Holy Roman Empire. Oh, but for a grand strategy Napoleon to come along and blow away these dusty artefacts of expansion history.

(Image credit: Paradox)

The studio is hyping up the 1.5 update that will accompany the DLC too. Featuring "reworked warfare, companies, local prices, and a lot more," Paradox's pleasant-voiced trailer narrator calls it "the grandest update to military, economy, and diplomacy in Victoria 3 yet." Quite a promise, and with players still a little mixed on Vicky 3 as a whole, I hope it's not an exaggeration. Heres' the infographic for that one.

(Image credit: Paradox)
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