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Valve chosen as the most desirable place to work in game developer survey

The sky is blue, the grass is green and Valve is a popular destination for game makers looking for work: So declares the IGDA, which, in what may be the least-surprising news of the month, revealed that game developers would rather work for the Half-Life and Steam developer than anywhere else—including for themselves.

The list is a mish-mash of massive publishers and individual studios, but the sentiment is clear enough and the top four are obvious choices. I'm a little surprised that Ubisoft is ranked so highly and as a PC guy, I'd also drop Nintendo and Naughty Dog from the list in favor of CD Projekt Red and Eidos Montreal, or maybe Larian; Remedy, and Frozenbyte could also easily make the list. But it's not at all surprising that Valve is Numero Uno; it's maybe not quite the paradise it's sometimes made out to be, but it sure sounds better than most .

The rankings in full, as provided by Gamespot :

1. Valve

2. My own company

3. Activision Blizzard

4. BioWare

5. Ubisoft

6. Current employer

7. Nintendo

8. Naughty Dog

9. Double Fine

10. Bethesda Game Studios

Any egregious oversights?