Valve chosen as the most desirable place to work in game developer survey

The sky is blue, the grass is green and Valve is a popular destination for game makers looking for work: So declares the IGDA, which, in what may be the least-surprising news of the month, revealed that game developers would rather work for the Half-Life and Steam developer than anywhere else—including for themselves.

The list is a mish-mash of massive publishers and individual studios, but the sentiment is clear enough and the top four are obvious choices. I'm a little surprised that Ubisoft is ranked so highly and as a PC guy, I'd also drop Nintendo and Naughty Dog from the list in favor of CD Projekt Red and Eidos Montreal, or maybe Larian; Remedy, and Frozenbyte could also easily make the list. But it's not at all surprising that Valve is Numero Uno; it's maybe not quite the paradise it's sometimes made out to be, but it sure sounds better than most .

The rankings in full, as provided by Gamespot :

1. Valve

2. My own company

3. Activision Blizzard

4. BioWare

5. Ubisoft

6. Current employer

7. Nintendo

8. Naughty Dog

9. Double Fine

10. Bethesda Game Studios

Any egregious oversights?

Andy Chalk

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