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Undertale turns 3D

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Undertale 3D

Undertale (opens in new tab) inspires strange behaviour in its players, from the half-imagined theories surrounding the unknowable W. D. Gaster (opens in new tab) through to rebuilding the old-school, pixel art game in 3D. Oh yes, that's a thing that Russian developer Edik Zykov (opens in new tab) is doing and, like the attempts to turn the early Pokemon games 3D (opens in new tab), it works in an odd sort of way.

Zykov isn't planning to turn the entire Underworld 3D, just fragments to use as part of a custom adventure—a fan game in which a mysterious entity converts things to 3D for spooky reasons known only to itself. Still, it seems likely that someone will take a shine to the idea and start on a total overhaul.

Thanks, Siliconera (opens in new tab).