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Titanfall is getting an online free-to-play edition in Asia

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Titanfall 4

Titanfall is getting an online free-to-play edition – but it'll be exclusive to Asia. Electronic Arts and Nexon made the announcement earlier today, and similar to Nexon's other titles (like FIFA Online, for instance) it'll be designed to "leverage Nexon’s free-to-play expertise to deliver a new and engaging online game" for the Asian market.

According to details acquired by, "Asia" in this instance means Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Southeast Asia. Nexon GT will collaborate with Titanfall studio Respawn Entertainment on the new version.

Nexon is the company that brought a free-to-play zombies version of CounterStrike to market. More recently, they're responsible for publishing Dirty Bomb. You may remember this faintly hilarious rumour from 2012, which suggested Nexon might buy EA outright. Yes, it seems crazy, but the company is bigger than most Western gamers realise.

Titanfall 2 is currently in development but hasn't been "officially" revealed as yet.

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