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These are the most-played Overwatch heroes at every skill tier

If you've been watching any Overwatch League, you may have noticed that D.Va shows up in almost every team composition. The queen of the dive meta, D.Va's mobility and utility makes her a popular choice—something that's reflected in her usage by the overall Overwatch community.

Game director Jeff Kaplan took to the forums today to lay out the top 10 most-played heroes for each skill tier, ranging from Bronze all the way up to Grandmaster, as of the beginning of competitive play season nine, which started on March 1. D.Va tops the list in every division except for Platinum and Diamond (where she's second, behind Moira). Mercy remains a popular choice despite her recent nerfs, especially at lower skill levels, but overall Moira is seeing more play. 

To little surprise, the skill-intensive Tracer is second most-played in Grandmaster, but drops way down the list in Master and Diamond, and off it completely at tiers below that. Interestingly, the also skill-intensive Genji fares differently, seeing significant play across every skill tier. 

Behind D.Va, Reinhardt is the tank of choice for Bronze through Platinum, whereas Roadhog takes that slot in Diamond and above. For DPS, Junkrat and Soldier: 76 are popular at lower skill tiers, while they fall off the list at Platinum and above in favor of Genji, McCree, and Tracer.

It's worth noting that even appearing at the bottom of a list here means a hero is seeing significant play, as these ranks only account for the top 10 most-played heroes. To see all the most popular heroes, check out Kaplan's post on the Overwatch forums. 

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