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The Elder Scrolls Online update 4 welcomes you to the Dragonstar Arena


Do you make a habit of walking blindly into strange and dangerous places? Then I have good news, my adventurous friends, for the fourth update to The Elder Scrolls Online is now live.

The latest major content update to ZeniMax Online's Elder Scrolls MMO opens the upper region of Craglorn to exploration. In it, you'll find the new Sanctum Ophidia trial, a battle against the deadliest warriors of the Scaled Court and the Celestial Serpent itself, and the Dragonstar Arena, a deadly, multi-stage fighting pit. To help players power through all that hot new danger, the Veteran Rank cap has been raised to VR14.

The Update 4 patch notes also state that grouping improvements to PvE objectives have begun, and the Bangkorai, Reaper's March and Rift delves are now larger and filled with more monsters and loot. A new Nirnhorned crafting trait has been added, as have new ability-altering enchantments on weapons found in the Dragonstar Arena, the Sanctum Ophidia trial (in difficult mode) and the Alliance War leaderboards. Various other fixes, tweaks and improvements have been made, and a number of visual upgrades have also been put in place.

The full list of updates is actually quite huge, so I'll just note that the update is live now on both the North American and European megaservers, and point you toward the appropriate link at .