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Tales from the Borderlands screenshots look pretty much exactly as you'd expect

These new screenshots of Telltale's Tales from the Borderlands are so Telltale, and so Gearbox, it's as if someone copy-pasted the former's timed dialogue boxes onto the latter's chunky cel-shaded action. In the new screens, we see a robot do robot things, TftB's two heroes argue about something or other, and Borderlands 2's Zero make a guest appearance in order to chop off some dude's arm. Hey, I'm sure the arm had it coming. Click through to see the whole lot.

Previously on Tales from the Borderlands: the series was announced , and details spilled out of SXSW. These are the first screenshots of the game that have appeared in the wild; we've yet to see anything of Telltale's other recently announced project, based on Game of Thrones.

Thanks, Kotaku .