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Starcraft 2 becomes a turn-based RPG with new mod Rogue Star

The thing that stops me from being good at Starcraft 2 is I can only manage a few minutes of furious finger work. Luckily, there's now hope for those of us without the stamina to sustain our armies: Rogue Star, a Starcraft 2 Arcade mod that transforms the game into a turn-based RPG. Take that, pro-gamers—you could be spending whole, luxurious minutes before activating your blink attacks.

"The prologue contains 30+ abilities, 60+ items, and 10 unique enemy types," explains the mod's creator in a SC2 Arcade forum post . Elsewhere, in the mod's dedicated subreddit , he reveals that while Rogue Star is single-player only right now, co-op and PvP will be "added in a later content patch". More classes are also planned.

The best part is that, because Blizzard have made the Starcraft 2 Arcade free , you can play the game regardless of whether you own the base RTS. All you need to do is download the Arcade , and search its games list for Rogue Star.

Phil Savage
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