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Spaceland is a bite-sized sci-fi strategy game that plays like XCOM

Tortuga Team wants to slake your alien-murdering bloodlust with its recently announced strategy sci-fi RPG, Spaceland. The studio, whose first strategy game tackled the fantasy genre, is returning with some sleeker 3D models over the 2D from Braveland. 

As is apparently written in the sci-fi strategy game dev handbook at this point, Tortuga Team references XCOM as one of its inspirations. True to form, Spaceland's trailer features explosions, lasers, and ugly-looking alien mugs that you'll get to shoot with your fancy future weapons. 


(Image credit: Tortuga Team)

In a Steam post from May, Tortuga Team elaborates on some of the battle types that you'll complete in Spaceplan. They won't all be simply kill or be killed bloodbaths. A mission called "Deadly Chase" will require you to block off elevator shafts before aliens can swarm in on your team's tail and overwhelm them. Another, "Divide and Conquer" will split your team up into adjacent corridors, forcing you to think about which fighters work best together. "Each separating door requires access to a terminal located in the other corridor. Thus, the life of one group always depends on the right actions of the other," explains the post. 

In the gif above you can see a series of unstable bridges that can only hold one unit at a time without falling, which has plenty of great puzzle possibilities as you decide whether to engage or trap enemies on those spaces. 

Encounters are designed to last around 10-15 minutes, rather than the drawn out wars of attrition that other strategy games subject us to. Keep an eye on Spaceland's Steam page where they're likely to continue sharing information and an eventual release date more specific than "2019."

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