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Rocket League loot box odds revealed

After a year overflowing with loot box and pay-to-win controversies, loot boxes are now steadily being phased out, with many studios adopting battle pass-style business models, outright removing loot boxes from their games, or disclosing the odds of their loot boxes to maintain transparency. Rocket League developer Psyonix joined the latter group earlier today: the math behind Rocket League's loot crates is now out in the wild thanks to a recent blog post. Here's how they break down:  

  •  Rare item: 55 percent 
  •  Very Rare item: 28 percent 
  •  Import item: 12 percent 
  •  Exotic item: 4 percent 
  •  Black Market item: 1 percent 
  •  Painted version of item: 25 percent chance  
  •  Certified version if item: 25 percent chance  

Psyonix also explained how Rocket League's crate system determines rewards. Simply put, when you open a crate, the game rolls for item rarity, then for an item within that rarity (items of the same rarity are equally weighted), and finally for Painted or Certified attributes. 

The studio says these odds haven't changed since loot crates were added in September 2016, and that "if we do make any changes to drop rates, we'll be sure to post the new numbers here on the blog."