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Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Wind Bastion launches tomorrow (with new operator nerfs)

Ubisoft announced today that Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Wind Bastion will be launching tomorrow, Dec. 4, on all platforms. A one-hour scheduled maintenance will occur for the PC version at 9 AM Eastern Time that will deploy the patch. You can read the full official patch notes here.

During the test server period of the last two weeks, new operators Kaid and Nomad have already seen some significant nerfs. Kaid now only has two electroclaw gadgets (down from three) and Nomad’s airjabs no longer detonate mid-air when near an enemy. There is also now a 1.5-second arming time upon placement before an airjab can detonate.

The new ACOG-equipped .44 magnum (already lovingly nicknamed the “pocket DMR”) carried by both Kaid and Nomad is also getting a significant recoil increase. IQ’s nerf from earlier this year that lowered the range of her scanner from 20 to 15 meters is also being reverted back to 20.

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It wasn’t clear whether these changes were just tests by Ubi or if they’d make it into the final release, but community developer Craig Robinson confirmed to me today that they will be in tomorrow’s patch. That means Ubisoft’s own video showcasing the new operators is already outdated, as Nomad’s airjabs will no longer behave how they’re shown to. 

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