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New Dark Souls 3 footage shows Knights and Clerics in action

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Dark Souls 3


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Dark Souls 3 is a matter of months away, so the gameplay footage is emerging thick and fast. The video below, taken from a recent livestream hosted by From Software, doesn't look like anything new at first glance. We've seen that environment before (Wes wrote at length about traipsing through it), but the two classes used – the knight and cleric – haven't been shown in any great detail before.

The commentary is in Japanese, but the footage speaks for itself. Character animations are a lot more fluid and theatrical than in previous entries, especially if you're wielding a scimitar, which tends to bring out the latent ballerina in even the most hardboiled warrior.

Dark Souls 3 releases April 12. Details on a season pass leaked earlier this week, indicating that two DLC packs will follow. If you're still hungry for footage, here's the opening cinematic, and here's some footage taken from an earlier From Software stream.

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