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Microsoft hint at bringing Kinect to PC


Speaking at CES, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer dropped a hint that Microsoft's motion sensing camera Kinect might be coming to PC.

Steve Ballmer made the comments in an interview with the BBC . When asked if Microsoft had plans to bring the Kinect to the PC in the near future, Ballmer responded by saying “we'll support that in a formal way, at the right time, and when we have an announcement to make we'll make it.”

Kinect has sold more than eight million units on the Xbox 360 since its launch late last year. On the PC, a vibrant hacking community has grown around the device, showing the enormous potential of the camera as a way to control both games and every day applications like web browsers.

It looks as though Microsoft will have some competition on the PC in the form of the Wavi Xtion, a device made by PrimeSense , one of the companies responsible for creating Kinect's depth sensing technology. Their camera is set to be released in the US in February.

[via Edge ]

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