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Little Nightmares 2 is coming next year

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The sequel to Tarsier Studios' creepy platformer Little Nightmares was announced at Gamescom 2019 today. The cinematic trailer doesn't reveal much of anything about how Little Nightmares 2 plays, but we learned from one of the developers on stage that we'll be playing as a character named Mono heading for "the signal tower." 

Apparently combat won't be a "big" part of Little Nightmares 2, but will be included with kitchen utensil weapons for fending off creepy baddies. You won't be going in like "Rambo" but you will have to protect yourself.

Little Nightmares 2 is releasing in 2020, and we'll have more as soon as we know more.

Lauren Morton

Lauren loves long books and even longer RPGs. She got a game design degree and then, stupidly, refused to leave the midwest. She plays indie games you haven't heard of and will never pass on a story about players breaking games or playing them wrong.