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Kerbal Space Program's 0.20 update lets you capture with flags

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As any good conspiracy nut will tell you, flags contain shocking secrets. And the one planted on the supposedly "Munar" surface of this Kerbal Space Program update video is clearly flapping around. FAKERS! This was clearly a staged performance to highlight the new flag-planting feature! Normally, I'd be furious, but those newly expanded rovers are just too damn adorable.

As well as the new vehicle parts and customisable flags, SQUAD's 0.20 milestone release also brings engine optimisation, bug fixes and editor improvements to the sandbox alpha.

Full patch notes below:

  • 7 new Parts and 2 IVA Spaces

  • Cupola with IVA

  • Small Lander with IVA

  • 2 new Probe cores

  • New large docking clamp

  • New Medium wheel

  • Attachable command seats for kerbals

Customizable Flags for your space program

  • Kerbals on Eva can plant flags with editable plaques

  • 23 Stock flags to choose from.

  • Flags are Moddable, Make your own flag!

Editor Improvements

  • Added Flag interface to editor

  • The Editor no longer requires you to start with a command pod when building a ship.

  • The Editor now allows deleting or replacing the first part of your ship.

Optimizations and New Features

  • Vessel Filtering for the tracking station

  • Added Kerbal Knowledge base for vessel and planetary information

  • Upgraded scene loader and refresh logic

  • Added Game Database and repogrammed part loaders.

  • Mods and stock parts can now have their own folders for organization

  • New Loading Screens

  • Optimization of Memory Usage (Approximately 30% average reduction in usage)

  • Upgraded debug menu allows parts and cfg files to be reloaded while the game

  • Bug Fixes!

Thanks, PCGamesN .

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