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Julian Gollop's Chaos Reborn now has a map editor, feature list

It's been a while since we last checked in with Julian Gollop's Chaos remake/sequel/remaquel Chaos Reborn, and in that time he's outlined a detailed feature list , shared his thoughts on wizard vulnerability (that's a band name right there), and even uploaded an early version of the map/terrain editor for our edification. You can grab it here if you fancy messing around with the program Gollop's using to make Chaos Reborn's maps (albeit with basic placeholder graphics at the moment).

This won't be the last interactive glimpse of Chaos Reborn; Gollop intends to "release playable versions of the game as I go along, which will be publicly available, at least until the funding campaign begins." The full game will feature a 'Kingdom of Chaos' campaign mode, asynchronous and regular turn-based multiplayer, and all sorts of other exciting stuff - you can find the full feature list here .