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Heroland, the light-hearted RPG from Mother 3's creators, is out on Steam

Two creators who have previously worked on the classic RPGs Legend of Mana and Mother 3 have released their new RPG Heroland on PC. Written by Nobuyuki Inoe with world creation by Nobuhiro Imagawa, Heroland follows closely in the footsteps of Mother 3 and Legends of Mana as a light-hearted, story-rich RPG with turn-based combat. 

Heroland takes place on a tropical theme park that offers visitors the ultimate RPG experience in real life. You play as Lucky, a tour guide who helps the park's visitors through the perils of dungeon exploration.

However, under Heroland's happy exterior is a dark history waiting to be discovered. But with Heroland's overwhelmingly bright and colourful exterior, that history must be buried pretty deep. 

The trailer is overflowing with cute characters and talking creatures who look like they have been lifted straight from Animal Crossing. It has cheesy music, colourful sprite art, and otters, lots of otters. 

It feels like a whole bag of sugar has been added into Heroland instead of Mother 3's humble lump, but there's still the charisma and charm that made the creator's previous games so successful. 

Heroland is out now on Steam for $43 / £33.