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Halfway: turn-based sci-fi survival launches on PC next week

Most turn-based tactical RPG fans are currently being well served by the excellent Divinity: Original Sin . But if you're the kind of RPG devotee who prefers sci-fi to fantasy, pixels to polygons, and creeping dread to tongue-in-cheek adventure: firstly, that's some very specific taste you have; secondly, Halfway could fit the bill. Its claustrophobic deep space action is being unleashed onto Steam and the Humble Store next week, 22 July.

Here's the Halfway sit-rep:

"Halfway is a turn-based strategy RPG taking place a few hundred years into the future. Humanity has begun to colonise new worlds and until now, they were alone...

"In Halfway you take control of a small team of survivors faced with a violent invasion onboard the colonial vessel Goliath. As their leader you will guide them through the dark and cramped corridors of the ship to slowly take back the control."

That trailer certainly has me interested. Turn-based combat is currently enjoying a serious renaissance in PC gaming, and its nice to see variety and invention among those games adopting the style.

Halfway is expected to cost £10/$13, and will have a 10% discount in its first week of release.

Phil Savage
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