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Gris is a gorgeous platformer that's out now

Gorgeous puzzle platformer Gris is out now, so we’re due another very pretty trailer. Watch above. 

Gris spins a yarn about a girl trapped in a world of her own making as she deals with some unspoken painful experience. How does she deal with this experience, you ask? Why, solving puzzles and platforming, of course. It’s the only true path to catharsis. 

Thankfully Gris has a magical dress that gives her special powers that help her explore this weird dreamscape. The dress represents her emotional growth, as well as her increasing roster of abilities. I had a shirt like that once. Every mustard stain was a window into my soul. 

It’s all very easy-going, apparently. No death, light puzzles, skill-based stuff is optional—sounds like a nice, relaxing saunter through a sad girl’s head. 

Samuel took it for a spin last month, so check out his Gris preview

Gris is out now on Steam, GOG and Humble.

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