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Get in here stalker: Survarium alpha set to expand soon

I still can't pronounce its name without adding an extra 'iv' in the middle - 'Survivarium' just sounds so much better to my ears - but I'm still champing at the bit to play this sorta-spiritual-successor to the Stalker series. Survarium is currently undergoing a selective alpha test, but as this tweet from the development team reveals, the rusty iron door to the survivalist MMOFPS is about to be opened a little wider. Head here to register for a chance to join the post-apocalyptic battle for survival, but remember to pack your Geiger counter.

Since the alpha was first opened up, Stalker-style anomalies have been added to the game, among other things. ( These three alpha diaries go into that in more detail.) Only the team-based PvP mode is offered at the moment, but when the full game is finished it will contain co-operative and "freeplay" modes too. Exciting stuff.

Thanks to RPS .