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Gearbox's loot-heavy sequel (Border)lands on Mac in just two weeks

Mac owners rejoice: your sleek, compact library of games is set to expand once again with Borderlands 2, which is coming to your platform of choice/platform the office makes you use on November 20th, just two months after it came out everywhere else. There's no word on a price yet, but it will be heading for Steam, along with the two current bits of DLC (which you'll have to buy separately, obviously).

However, the good news for everyone (well, everyone who's a fan of Borderlands 2) is that cross-platform play is included, so the PC game will be getting an injection of fresh blood in a few weeks. Why not help out your new chums by showing them the ropes, donating some choice loot, and convincing them to invest in a mouse with more than one button?

[Thanks to 9to5Mac ]