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Fight fascist felines in Doom mod Rise of the Wool Ball

If diligently cleaning the streets of Nazis in Wolfenstein 2 hasn’t quite sated your appetite, and you also think that cats are probably evil, then Rise of the Wool Ball and its predecessor, Shadow of the Wool Ball, might be just what you’re craving. The pair of Doom mods are filled with fascist felines and Doom, Wolfenstein and Rise of the Triad-inspired maps. 

Slap your eyes on the video below if you’ve got a completely understandable grudge against cats. 

Though it’s obviously a complete overhaul of Doom with a dramatically different, extremely effective cartoon style, all three of its inspirations bleed through pretty clearly, especially in the level design. But there’s plenty of weirdness too: telekinetic sheep, hedgehog heroes, cucumber-launching guns and lots of adorable animals that need to be rescued from their kitty captors.

To play Rise of the Wool Ball’s 6 levels, you’ll need to get GZDoom first, then just chuck the mod in the GZDoom directory and you’ll be able to play. If you fancy playing the first mod as well, you’ll also need a Doom 2 WAD file.   

Cheers, RPS.

Fraser Brown
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