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FIFA 14 announced, surprising no-one

Sure, you can roll your eyes at unfailing annualisation of sports games. But just look at real football - they make a new version of that every year too, and it hasn't changed for decades. Maybe they've spruced up the hair tech since the 80s, but other than that it's exactly the same game. So at least EA Sports are putting the effort in with some new features and upgrades for the now confirmed FIFA 14.

This time they're touting "Real Ball Physics" (don't snigger), improving the trajectory and finesse of shots. They've also got "Pure Shot", letting players adjust their stride and approach angle when shooting, as demonstrated by the Messi Clone Army.

Some videos below, which I've slide-tackled from CVG .

Of course, the big question is: will it retain the features that caused Graham and Rich to love previous iterations so much?

Phil Savage
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