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Door Kickers brings top-down tactical tango takedowns

Door Kickers

Door Kickers isn't about kicking down members of the popular 1960s rock band The Doors. No, the top-down project from indie studio KillHouse Games takes the movement and positional strategies of Frozen Synapse and Rainbow Six and combines them with the real-time adapt-or-die framework of Hotline Miami.

The game has you directing and controlling a team of SWAT members in several non-linear locales filled with hostages, tasty tangos, and indeed plenty of doors to kick down. As with other tactical games, it seems barging forward with your team won't end well, so you need to take advantage of vision sightlines, flashbangs, and flanking to stay alive. It's strictly single-player for now, but KillHouse might consider multiplayer later on as an impressive-looking alternative to Synapse's competitive strategery.

Here's a gameplay trailer of the alpha version, and the official website offers several ways for your wallet to add some extra dollars to KillHouse's development efforts, if you're so inclined.