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Civilization 5: Brave New World trailer pursues diplomatic relations

CAUTION: After all the whizz-bang pyrotechnics, gushing blood, heavy rock, and urgent shouting from a week long bombardment of E3 trailers, this sedate Civ 5: Brave New World featurette could be a dramatic shock to the system. Don't just play it, ease into it. Maybe make a cup of tea. If you're not British, why not give it a go anyway? They're really rather good.

Ready? Okay, now you can learn about the expansion's diplomacy overhaul, and the newly arriving World Congress.

This is the last of Firaxis' video round up for the expansion. If you missed any, they were: culture , ideologies , and trade .

Brave New World releases July 12th Internationally, and July 9th in the US.

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