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Bioshock Infinite's Motorised Patriot is evil robot George Washington with a gatling gun

Bioshock Infinite - motorised patriot

I didn't think I'd find myself writing that headline when I woke up this morning. There are big ideas behind the Bioshock games. The wars for Rapture and Colombia are battles between ideologies fought with bullets, each set in a fascinating, twisted dystopia. Never mind all that, though. No matter how smart your game is, there's always room for evil robot George Washington with a gatling gun.

The "motorised patriot" was revealed on G4TV , with comments from Ken Levine. "He's completely fearless," Levine said. "He doesn't have a sense of self-preservation, so he'll just keep coming at you and coming at you." Just like George Washington.

Update: There's a video! See the motorised patriot in action below.

[VAMS id="hLZ8dfUmT0iOC"]

Killing a motorised patriot will drop his massive weapon, called a Pepper Mill, worthy loot for a dangerous foe. "These are enemies that are used to not just be more powerful, but to augment the abilities of the more traditional BioShock enemies," Levine told G4TV. "You're going to come across them in certain areas of the game, and they're going to provide a really unique challenge."

"Unique challenge" is right. I don't recall fighting an evil robot George Washington with a gatling gun before, but games are mad, so it may have slipped my mind. Here's some concept art of the Pepper Mill and, below that, some concept art of the motorised Patriot, which would make a great Doctor Who villain.

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